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The NerdKungFu Podcast


Love movies, tv shows, comics, games, and listening to nerds complain about their dating life?  Resident nerds Dave and Joren get together to discuss the nerd lifestyle, why Dave is single, and the latest in film, television, games, comics, and pop culture in general.  Enjoy!



Episode 19: Sharing Opinions on Shared Universes 

The boys discuss the trend in movies and their need to share universes, as well as San Diego Comic Con, the Silmarilian, Fast and Furious space version, Captain Marvel, and more. Enjoy!



Episode 18: More Bitching About Star Trek Discovery 

Dave is kind of obsessed with the new CBS Star Trek show Discovery and they guys talk about what bothers them about it. They talk about Baby Driver, a surprisingly good film, Dave dating, cat movies, Fantastic Beasts, Lootcrate, overseas movie sales, Sense8, and Brent Spiner as the Joker. Enjoy!


Episode 17: Dumping Directors for Han Solo 

The Han Solo stand alone movie (AKA Red Cup - Get it?) dropped it's directors for being too comedic and hired Ron Howard. Dave and Joren discuss it and whether or not it's a good idea (spoiler alert - it is) and what it could mean for the film. They they get into MCU vs DCEU, Rick and Morty, World War Z, Danial Day Lewis, and Goldilocks planets. Enjoy!


Episode 16: Ever want to date a Peanut? 

Dave talks about going on a date with a woman who looks like a popular Peanuts character and the boys discuss which peanuts characters are truly grounded in their sexual orientation. They discuss Pitch Perfect, Spider-Man Homecoming, the new Atari console, and Silicon Valley. Enjoy!


Episode 15: Dead Scripts Tell Lame Tales 

In a fit of masochism Dave and Joren go to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean and regret it. They discuss the film and what the hell is happening with franchises. They then discuss buying a light saber, the great Adam West, the Dark Universe, Cowboy BeBop, and Tom Cruise's Mummy movie. Enjoy!


Episode 14: Can a man be a feminist? 

Wonder Woman is crushing the box office and Dave and Joren discuss it and if men can support it and be a feminist. The get into the DCEU, Justice League, the power mid level movie stars have to dictate roles, Landspeeders with wheels, upcoming movies, what people love about zombies, and why T.M. Miller left Silicon Valley.  Enjoy!


Episode 13: Memorial movies that suck. 

It's the worst Memorial box office weekend in 19 years and Dave and Joren have theories on why.  They get into dating, time spent between Avatar movies, killing the Green Power Rangers, and how worthless a universe based on classic Universal monsters.


Episode 12: Computer graphics killed the video star. 

Dave and Joren talk about computer graphics and how they are overused in movies these days. They also talk about Alien Covenant, eviction, directors hating on each other, tape cassettes, Blingons, and riding bikes to work.  


Episode 11: What happened to the Wonder Woman marketing?

Dave and Joren dive back into Dave's surreal dating life before discussing why Warner Brothers suddenly stopped with the marketing for the upcoming Wonder Woman Movie.  Theories abound and then they talk about the new MST3K guy, King Arthur Legend of the Sword (which Dave was unfortunate enough to see), and the massive list of TV shows that got the axe recently. 


Episode 10: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and weird dating stories

The guys saw Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and discuss it with Joren's brother Henry. They are visited by a failed t-shirt entrepreneur and talk about new movies, Chris Pine, Star Wars toys, and how to dress for a date.


Episode 9: Exploring Failure

No one knows failure like Dave (at least when it comes to dating) and the guys look at box office failure Ghost in the Shell and why big tentpoles fall and impale themselves on their spoon. They also go all female with superheroes Wonder Woman and Squirrel girl, Dave's new dream woman, and then discuss why all the comic book tv shows are sucking.


Episode 8: The Fate of the Fate of the Furious

Dave and Joren went to see a movie but instead watched the Fate of the Furious and then talk it intensely. Get get into an argument about the future or Star Wars, long distance dating, how Superman is boring, where to find Graboids, and the value of practical effects.


Episode 7: New Star Wars Trailer!

The guys explore the new Episode 8 trailer. They also expore the new Labyrinth, Iron Fist, Rick and Morty, Thor Ragnorok, Bojack Horseman, and the new Transfomers movie. A cornocopia of nerd subjects!


Episode 6: One of Us! One of Us! One of Us!

With no specific topic Dave and Joren bounce from one nerd topic to another like a pinball. Power Rangers, cosplay, Baywatch, Fast and Furious, and too many Batman movies. Plus the lightning round and so much more!


Episode 5: Into the Wild Nerd Yonder

Novice podcasters Dave and Joren gain experience and get more refined as they explore all their faviorite and hated geek movies, shows, and games. They get into Dave's dating life and a sex cult Joren thinks Dave should join


Episode 4: Truly Geeking Out

Dave and Joren establish their nerd cred by digging into Star Wars, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, Wonder Woman, Power Rangers, Goonies, Indiana Jones, Tesla motorcyles, and what kind of car to buy. Then they get out of nerdom to talk about dating and felling like a man while Dave describes what it's like when your roommate is having sex with a super hero.


Episode 3: Cars, Logan, and Johnny Depp

They guys dig into Dave's pathetic dating life and then discuss a guy who has never had a problem dating Johnny Depp. They look at his life and fils. They also talk about Logan and what kind of car to buy.



Episode 1: Rogue One a Star Wars Story

Dave and Joren launch their podcasting careers with a massive argument about Rogue one. They also discuss nerd dating and RPGs.

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