Rock out with one of our tough Cro-Mags tshirts. For an easy look, fans won't need to hesitate when it comes to a classic black and white tshirt featuring the Cro-Mags logo on the center. Originally from New York City, the Cro-Mags are best known for being a hardcore punk band which eventually turned into a crossover thrash band. The band has continued to release music since their debut, The Age of Quarrel from 1986. At the time of this writing, the current members of the band are John Joseph McGowan as the lead vocalist, A.J. Novello on guitar, Craig Setari on bass and Maxwell Mackie Jayson on drums. For an easy throwback look, choose our Cro-Mags tshirt featuring the album artwork from their initial debut album, The Age of Quarrel. The 1986 album was first released on Profile Records. We also have an equally bold tshirt featuring the Hare Krishna-inspired artwork for their Best Wishes album. The album was also released with Profile Records in 1989, and it was first recorded in Rhode Island. The Cro-Mags have also released albums such as Alpha Omega in 1992, Near Death Experience in 1993 and Revenge in 2000. The group is known for having a large influence on the heavy metal and hardcore music genres.

Cro-Mags T-Shirts