Calling all Future Nerds (and parents of young Nerds in Training)! We’ve got plenty of geek related apparel to browse through, designed for the pint-sized Padawans in your life. Whether you're all about retro-inspired classics like Sesame Street or modern favorites like Kung Fu Panda, we've got some fun toddler tshirts to browse through. Get ready them ready to rock by buying some punk-inspired tees featuring Velvet Revolver and The Misfits. For more fun ideas, try buying one of our Woodstock tshirts for a look that's vintage chic. Okay, they weren’t even born when most of these fandoms were in their heyday, but this gives you the perfect opportunity to teach them all about it.

Celebrate all things geek with a toddler sized tshirt. We've got a wide array of designs ranging from movies and television to music and comic books. For a laugh out loud look, grab one of our T-Rex tshirts reading, "If ur happy & u know it clap your... oh". For a more classic sci-fi touch, opt for our navy blue toddler tee reading, "Live Long and Prosper". If you still need some gift ideas, think about celebrating a legendary icon like martial artist Bruce Lee or reggae musician Bob Marley. You could always go for a classic comic book themed tee, including Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman.

Toddler T-Shirts