Episode 41: Star Wars the Last Jedi Part Deux

Episode 41: Star Wars the Last Jedi Part Deux SPOILER ALERT

SPOILER ALERT A movie as huge as Star Wars deserves a second discussion and this time Dave and Joren have had time to think about what they really experienced.  This time they get far more critical and indulge their natural dick tendencies and spoil the crap out of it.  You have been warned.  They talk about all the things they think sucked and how some characters they like more than before and some they now really dislike (cough cough Poe Dameron cough cough).  They also talk about how this movie destroys all previously established Star Wars technology, the stupidity of pretty much all the characters at one point or another, how the First Order is the Empire's wimpy little brother rather than the totalitarian government of terror it should be, how the Force is now the ultimate tool for lazy scriptwriters, and the unstoppable power of BB8 (and other BB8 style droids)

They also try to figure out why this movie is doing less well than the Force Awakens in spite of actually being way better (suck it JJ Abrams) and if Disney should be worried about only making a billion dollars for this film.  

Then they get into a couple other nerd subjects and for some reason a discussion of the latest huge Bitcoin craze.  Enjoy!