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6XL shirts are reserved for the likes of Gigantor and other towering figures, like maybe sports stars who just want people to “Keep Calm and Kill Zombies”. Most t-shirt manufacturers don’t even make 6XL because of the low number of orders in these sizes. Here at Nerd Kung Fu, we think that sucks for wearers of the uniquely large 6XL size. To be in the 6XL nerd crowd, you’ll need to have the physical prowess of a Level 14 Barbarian, or you know, you could always put on a belt and wear it like a tunic. You never know, you might even start a trend. Keepin’ it real! So if you’re a nerd on a quest for a 6XL t-shirt, check out the growing selection of these finely threaded clouds of cotton made from a unicorn’s mane.

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