Don't mess with this princess. Revered as one of the most beloved heroines in cinematic history, Princess Leia is an icon in her own right. Played by the late actress Carrie Fisher, Leia has become a feminist icon and a symbol for women all over the globe. Fisher was known for her larger than life personality, and for bringing a sense of strength and good humor to her role as Princess Leia.

If you love everything about Star Wars and Princess Leia, you’ve come to the right place. For a tough, in-your-face kind of look, opt for our girls tshirt reading “Don’t Mess with a Princess”. With a bold red design, this graphic tshirt features an edgy print of Princess Leia aiming her signature blaster. Let everyone know that you’re not to be questioned with another standout tee. Featuring a black design, this printed tshirt includes the iconic image of Princess Leia from her on-screen debut in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Leia is shown with her cinnamon bun-esque hairstyle and cautiously holding her blaster, ready to fire. In bold letters along the edges of the print, this tee boldly proclaims, “Don’t Call Me Princess”. Fight back against the Empire with one of these tough Princess Leia tshirts.

Princess Leia T-Shirts