Battlefield Earth

As any sci fi geek can tell you Battlefield Earth started as a book by L Ron Hubbard.  It details the struggle of Jonnie Goodboy Tyler against the alien oppressors the Psychlos in the year 3000.  He is captured by a Psychlo named Terl to mine for gold in an irridated area as radiation will explode when exposed to Psychlo breathe-gas. 

Naturally Jonnie turns the tables on Terl and in the course of about 1200 pages (and an astronomical number of exclamation points) ends up ruling the universe.  A literary triumph!

Of course these Battlefield Earth t-shirts are not from the book but rather from the movie made by famed Scientologist John Travolta.  It was pretty much a dismal failure both critically and commercially and earned eight Golden Raspberries.  Naturally it has morphed into a "so bad it's good" cult classic and any true nerd wanting to show his or her cred will definitely sport one of these great Battlefield Earth t-shirts in sizes all the way up to 6XL.

Battlefield Earth T-Shirts