Calling all fans of Nestlé candy! Pick up a sugary sweet gift that’s perfect for all of the Pixy Stix, Sweet Tarts and Nerds fans in your life. We even have fresh apparel featuring the colorful Spree candies and delectable Crunch bars. A world famous favorite, you’ve never known bliss unless you’ve tried hot chocolate with melted Crunch bars! Or, you can always opt for saccharine sweet candy choices like Spree and Sweet Tarts if you need something different. Known for being one part sour, another part sweet, Pixy Stix are those powdery filled sticks bursting with fruity flavor. We even have graphic tees and tanks featuring the lovable Nerds characters. Revel in childhood nostalgia with these totally sweet tees. Besides, who can resist a little sugar rush?

Nestle Candy T-Shirts