Born Hans Rudolf Giger, the Swiss painter is known for his dark sensibilities and edgy style. Giger was born in Chur, Switzerland on February 5, 1940. H. R. Giger is known for using different types of mediums with his work, ranging from airbrush, pastels and ink. Giger also worked on the special effects for the critically acclaimed science fiction film, Alien. Although Giger passed away in 2014, his memory lives on through his striking artwork. H. R. Giger is well known for pushing the envelope with the genre of Fantastic Realism. His initial style was more traditional artwork, like ink and oil paintings. Later on, he started to experiment with airbrushing techniques. Eventually, he created works of art which combined dreamy landscapes and mechanical themes. Show how much you love H. R. Giger and Alien with one of these signature posters. We have some of Giger's unique creations, including a poster of Li II, Alien, Ani Mia and Birth Machine. Known for his edgy yet dark style, fans of the artist called H. R. Giger will appreciate these bold posters. If you're a big fan of the classic science fiction franchise, Alien, you'll certainly appreciate these sleek and daring posters.

H.R. Giger Posters