Plus Size T Shirts

Nerd Kung Fu understands that people come in all shapes and sizes, and we know difficult it can be to find a some cool graphic tees in plus-sizes. That’s why Nerd Kung Fu has a huge selection of awesome plus-size t-shirts featuring the full gamut of nerdom, from classic movies and TV shows to comic books, games and more, in full-color and printed on 100%-cotton. These plus-size shirts are excellent for nerds that are large and in-charge.


  • 2X T-Shirt

    2XL Shirts

  • 3X T-Shirt

    3X T-Shirt

  • 4X T-Shirt

    4X T-Shirt

  • 5XL Mens t shirts

    5X T-Shirt

  • 6X T-Shirt

    6X T-Shirt

  • 7X T-Shirt

    7X T-Shirt

  • Plus Size Polos Shirts

    Plus Sized Polos

  • Plus Size Comic Book T-shirts

    Plus Sized Comic Book T-shirts