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We love our giants here at Nerd Kung Fu, and that’s why if you need a size 4XL t-shirt emblazoned with Batman looking badass in the moonlight, we have it. Although most vendors only carry sizes up to 3XL, making it difficult for you 4XLers out there to find a nerdy shirt that doesn’t fit like a second skin, Nerd Kung Fu continues to bring more and more cool nerd t-shirts in your size. The comfortable, soft cotton will caress you like you wish a certain someone would. If they get the funny nerd jokes or references on your shirt, score! They’re a keeper. Nerd Kung Fu is always glad to help make a love connection steeped in nerdery. Who knows, they might even end up wearing it themselves some velvet morning. Great licensed 4XL t shirts are just a click away. 

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