Amp up your wardrobe with a bold music tshirt that captures the spirit of punk rock. Originally from Bolton, England, The Buzzcocks were originally formed in 1976. Featuring Pete Shelley, Howard Devoto, Garth Davies and Mick Singleton, the group was first inspired by other bands like the Sex Pistols. The Buzzcocks has made a huge impact on the genre of punk rock. The band was named after a headline stating, "It's the Buzz, Cock!" from Time Out magazine. One of the first songs released by the Buzzcocks was "Orgasm Addict", which was featured as the A-side of their first single, along with "Whatever Happened To...?" on the B-side. The single was first issued on November 4, 1977 through the record label called United Artists. Pick up an edgy tshirt featuring a graphic print from their first single. Originally designed by Malcolm Garrett and Linder Sterling, we have a bold tshirt including the design from the single. For a classic punk-inspired look, opt for an all black tshirt featuring the Buzzcocks logo on the chest. We also have a printed tee focusing on their 2014 album, The Way. Buzzcocks fans, be sure to find the perfect printed tshirt for you here at Nerd Kung Fu.

Buzzcocks T-Shirts