Star Trek The Next Generation

Trekkie nerds have been squabbling for years over which of the Star Trek series is better. Which is the original, is no question, because that original great of the Enterprise took us further than anyone had gone before into deep space. And done so, boldly. But no one can argue that the Start Trek The Next Generation Enterprise crew took us way beyond that! With The Next Generation, Roddenberry’s vision of this iconic space series and introduced it to a whole new generation of nerds! Like how we did that? Nerd Kung Fu has both die hard Trekkies that swear by the original Enterprise crew, and Trekkies that swear by The Next Generation Enterprise crew. But they all have one thing in common, they love the universe that Roddenberry created with these diverse and dynamic characters. Which is why Nerd Kung Fu has scoured the internet to put together this just as diverse and dynamic curated collection of officially licensed Star Trek The Next Generation t-shirts. These amazing graphic tees feature some of your favorite characters like Picard, Riker, Worf, and the rest of the Enterprise crew. Make it so with these 100% cotton Star Trek The Next Generation t-shirts today!

Star Trek The Next Generation T-Shirts