Taxi is a classic in so many ways.  First of all look at the cast: Judd Hirsch, the incomparable Danny DeVito, Marilu Henner, Tony Danza, Christopher Lloyd, and of course the amazing Any Kaufman.  Just getting those actors on the same set would make this show a legend.

But of course that is combined with amazing writing and stories.  It was a comedy that dealt with real world issues.  It also showed a lot of failed dreams come true.  All the characters had their aspirations and most of them came close to realizing them only to fall on their faces.  In a weird way Taxi was a bummer.  

Of course all of this pales when compared to Latka as played by Andy Kaurfman.  Originally adapted from Andy's "Foreign Man" stage character but Andy got bored doing the same character so Latka developed multiple personalities, allowing Andy to stretch his wings.  At one point he insisted his "friend" Tony Clifton be given guest appearances but it turned out Tony was another of Andy's characters.  Amazing.

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