"Love.  Exciting and new.  Come aboard, we're expecting you!".  What can be said about this amazing show full of short time stories, B-list celebrities, and romance?  Did you know that the passengers on the boat were not at all extras but actual cruise ship passengers who paid thousands of dollars to sail with the cast?  Of that Gopher (Fred Gandy) later went to become a US Congressman from Iowa?  Truth is stranger than fiction.

Of course a show that goes this long and has so many guest stars is destined to garner some weirdness.  The show ran 10 years and had over 1000 guest stars.  It was based in part on the structure of Love, American Style, an previous ABC anthology love show.  Charlie's Angels  were once on board in a crossover show.

Speaking of weird, the boat the Pacific Princess was used to smuggle drugs around the Mediterranean and in 1998 50 pounds of heroin were found on board.  Eventually it was sold to a Turkish scrapyard and two men died while dismantling her.  Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.  

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