Rat Fink

When it comes to vintage hot rods art, there’s only one Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, whose creation, Rat Fink, adorned countless kids’ t-shirts throughout the 1960s “alternative” culture. Rat Fink (aka RF) was a huge hit that also gained notoriety with 80s and 90s punk scenes. With his bulging, bloodshot eyes, gaping mouth and dripping fangs, Rat Fink was Mickey Mouse’s long-lost bad boy cousin that burned rubber on his motorcycle. Feel the glory days of Rat Fink, with these full-color Rat Fink graphic tees from Nerd Kung Fu, featuring retro graphics of RF the Wild Child, High-Octane Chevy, Fords Kick Butt, and more all printed on 100% cotton. Available in a wide selection of sizes.

Rat Fink T-Shirts