Originally from Willowdale, Canada, the band includes musicians Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart. Rush was organized in 1968, and eventually changed their lineup several times over the years, with the most recent including John Rutsey as their drummer. With a unique musical style, the band has been inspired by fantasy and science fiction themes. Can't get enough of the band called Rush? Show how much you love the rock band with one of our geeky gift ideas. The band was first known for having a blues sound in their earlier years, and later taking on more progressive influences. Over the years, Rush was nominated for a total of seven Grammy Awards, and has also won Juno Awards in Canada. Heading to a concert or tribute show? You'll definitely want to pick up one of our Rush tshirts. With a signature design featuring tie dye and a printed logo from the band, these tees are perfect for any Rush fan. In need of more geeky gift ideas? Look towards our Rush poster featuring a live image of the band in concert. We also have a classic poster featuring the album artwork from Feedback, which was originally released by Rush in 2004.

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