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You laugh at the puny minions walking around in their less-than-3XL t-shirts as you sport your latest Nerd Kung Fu t-shirt in your preferred size. Maybe you want to be a walking ad for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation or Abe Froman (The Sausage King of Chicago) with a super-cool vintage logo tee. Or maybe you’ll abide of our selection of The Big Lebowski t-shirts. The Dude does. Are you a bacon nerd? Of course you are. Nerd Kung Fu has some of the baconiest t-shirts in the land. There’s even a t-shirt that lets people know you’re bipolar. From the strange and silly to the puntastic designs like “333” (“Half-Evil”) to popular designs for Doctor Who, Futurama and more. These 3XL t-shirts are a soft, cottony swaddle of nerdom ready to adorn you.


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