XXXL Nerd T-Shirts - 3XL

As the giant among men and women that you are, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a lover of all the finer nerd things like Star Wars, comic books, and movies? At Nerd Kung Fu, we understand that while you tower over the puny minions that walk around, you still deserve the most amazing and have-to-get-your-hands-on 3XL nerd t-shirts too! This is why our nerd experts at Nerd Kung Fu have scoured the internet to assemble this carefully curated collection of 3XL nerd shirts, hoodies, long sleeve graphic tees, and more! Think of us like the Nick Fury of 3XL nerds the world over! All of Nerd Kung Fu’s 3XL nerd shirts come printed in full color on the highest quality, 100% cotton fabric in both modern and vintage designs. We have a massive selection of styles and colors to choose from, whether you want to be a walking ad for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation or Abe Froman (The Sausage King of Chicago) with a super-cool vintage logo tee. Or maybe you’ll abide by our selection of The Big Lebowski t-shirts. The Dude does.

3X Shirts