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Why buy from us?

1.  We're legit.

Let's be honest, we didn't choose to sell nerdy t-shirts because they have a great search-to-vendor ratio; they chose us.  Everyone here is a giant nerd and we're all the better for it.  This means you are buying from fellow nerds so send us some love and geek out with us when you order your next shirt! 

3.  Rapid shipping.

We ship all our orders out as fast as we can.  Some products we have to drop ship to our location by our vendors before we ship, meaning and can't push them out as quickly as we would like but if it's stocked in HQ we can ship it immediately.

4.  We like the rare and unusual.

Sure, we carry the typical Batman and Big Bang Theory shirts but we're constantly on the lookout for the esoteric and obscure shirts.  If you're looking for something from the Fifth Element or Plan 9 From Outer Space we got it.

5.  Excellent customer service.

Customer service is our crowning achievement.  As a smaller retailer we have the ability to treat each order with love and attention.  Remember the good old days when you dialed a number and someone answered?  We do that.  We send thank you notes.  We love people.  If you want to do something unusual like have us print a note to a gift recipient we can work it out.  On occasion we'll even get a request to draw something cool on the package, like a kung fu sparring match between a strawberry and a banana.  We're basically the coolest retailers you'll ever meet.

6. Did I just double space every sentence?

Yes, I'm not an animal.

Stay nerdy, Comrades,

The Nerd Kung Fu Crew