Despicable Me Minions

Everyone love the super cute Minions and who doesn't love Despicable Me, the 2010 animated film starring super villain Gru (Steve Carell) and hundreds of his yellow pod shaped goggled friends in overalls.

Interestingly enough even though there are hundreds of Minions there is only one voice for them: Despicable Me and Minions co-director Pierre Coffin.  In the latest Minions film he does 899 of the little henchmen.  Not a task for the weak!

Minions have only five different hair styles.  Must make hair cutting easy.  Of course we all know that a purple Minion is evil while the yellow Minions are...also evil but in a different way.  Probably most akin to Chaotic Evil and Lawful Evil (if you got that one you are truly a nerd.  Kudos).  The first evil (purple) minion was inspired by a Looney Tunes cartoon where Tweety Bird drinks a potion and turns into a giant monster. 

Theoretically Minions evolved directly from the sea and since they are all male must therefore be immortal.  It would not be surprising to have the next film feature a female Minion in a Smurfette-ish situation but there is no evidence of that happing yet. 

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Despicable Me Minions T-Shirts