For those with a more nontraditional frame, choose from one of these ultra sleek big and tall pants from Six 8. According to Six 8 Clothing, their unique jeans stand out from all of the rest. Sure, they're specifically designed for tall men, but it goes beyond the mere technicalities. Six 8 only uses high-quality denim, and each garment is made in the United States at one of the oldest mills in the nation. Each pair of denim jeans includes wide pocket openings for more versatility in everyday wear. Each pocket reaches approximately 11" at a minimum, along with extra large zipper tabs. Not only are these jeans specially made for taller than usual legs, but each pair of jeans incorporates unique extras like wider pockets and large zipper pull tabs. Unlike other jeans, the relaxed jeans from Six 8 Clothing provide ample room in the thigh area, offering more durability and comfort. The relaxed fit jeans also have a slightly higher rise in the back of the jeans, which makes them ideal for tall frames. In a similar suit, the slim straight jeans from Six 8 are both a comfortable and stylish denim solution, specifically designed for tall men.

Tall Pants