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If you wear a size 7XL, we hope you like funny joke shirts with snarky comments, because if you do, we have your bag. The checkout bag, that is. You’ll find some hilarious t-shirts which are high-quality screenprints on cotton tees as soft as a chinchilla in summer. Speaking of summer, Nerd Kung Fu’s cotton t-shirts are breathable. With a bit of wind, you become a walking air-conditioner. You might stand out in a crowd wearing a 7XL “Element of Surprise” t-shirt. Then again, if you wear a 7XL, you already stand out in a crowd. Nerd Kung Fu’s selection of 7XL nerd shirts is growing despite the difficulty in finding manufacturers to make this size t-shirt. There will be more cool nerd shirts in this size in the future.

XXXXXXXL T-Shirts - 7XL Nerd T-Shirts