Originally from Birmingham, England, Charged GBH is a well-known punk band dating back to 1978. Featuring singer Colin Abrahall, guitarist Colin "Jock" Blyth, bass guitarist Sean McCarthy and Andy "Wilif" Williams on drums, Charged CBH has helped pave the way for punk rock over the years. Also known as GBH by fans, the street punk band has also been called "UK82".

You beat us down but we came back, revenge is sweet and we're on the attack… For a look that's bold and edgy, opt for a graphic tshirt that includes the Charged G.B.H. logo on the center. If you're a fan of the single "Catch 23", you'll definitely want to grab this tee. With an all-black design, this Catch 23 tshirt includes the band's logo on the front, along with a collage image featuring each other band members. Heading to a show? Grab this G.B.H. Give Me Fire tshirt for a look that's bound to turn heads. This black printed tshirt includes the Charged G.B.H. logo in a bold red font on the center. Originally released on August 1986, Midnight Madness and Beyond was the thirst album from GBH. Grab a tshirt to honor the album's release, complete with a slightly distressed effect. For an electrifying look, order this G.B.H. tshirt, which includes the band's logo and the album's name on the front and center of the tee.

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