Looking for simple and easy ways to amp up the volume on your style? Look towards one of our bold printed tshirts from The Damned. Originally from England, the rock band was formed by singer Dave Vanian, guitarist Brian James, bass player Captain Sensible and drummer Rat Scabies. The group released their first single called "New Rose" in 1976, and their debut album "Damned Damned Damned" in 1977. Singer Dave Vanian has always been fascinated with goth culture, which surfaces in his vampire-inspired costumes and musical style. The Damned is noted for influencing other generations of punk bands since their formation in the late seventies. Create a throwback look with one of our tshirts paying homage to The Damned's first album, "Damned Damned Damned" from 1977. If you prefer to keep things classic, browse through our bold logo tshirts featuring variations of The Damned logo on the center. For a simple way to create a stand out look, choose one of these printed tshirts from The Damned. Rock out in the best way with a "Smash It Up" tshirt from The Damned. The single "Smash It Up" was first released in 1979 off of their album called "Machine Gun Etiquette".

The Damned T-Shirts