Assassin's Creed

When it comes to classic video games, gamer nerds love this action-packed, violent, edge of your seat video game series by Ubisoft. Assassins Creed time jumps throughout some of the most violent and bloody time periods in world history to create this world your fellow gamers at Nerd Kung Fu love! We understand how much you gamer nerds love playing as Desmond Miles no matter what journey he's on. This is why we scoured the internet to bring you this carefully curated collection of Assassins Creed t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve graphic tees, and so much more! All of Nerd Kung Fu's Assassins Creed shirts come printed in vibrant full color on the highest quality, 100% cotton fabric in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors for you to choose from. This badass, killer video game series is inspired by the novel "Alamut" written by author Vladimir Bartol and incorporates some ideas from another videogame, the Prince of Persia. It's time you freshened up your look before you get called into action again with one of our bloody good Assassins Creed t-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeve tees, and more!

Assassin's Creed T-Shirts