Dare to be different with one of these edgy tshirts from the Wipers. Known for their loud punk rock sound, the group first came together in Portland, Oregon. In 1977, guitarist Greg Sage linked up with bass player Dave Koupal and drummer Sam Henry to create the punk rock group called the Wipers. Unlike most other groups at the time, the group relied on using a lot of distortion in their sound. The Wipers are credited as being the first punk rock group hailing from the Pacific Northwest. The Wipers first released their album entitled "Is This Real?" in 1980 through Park Avenue Records. After the album's release, the group performed locally in Portland. For a retro-inspired look, opt for our Youth of America tshirt from The Wipers. The "Youth of America" album was first released in 1981, and it is known for influencing many other punk groups since then. The third album from The Wipers was called "Over The Edge" and it was released in 1983. After the album's release, the Wipers were able to set out on tour. If you've been a fan on the Wipers for decades, you'll definitely appreciate some of these cool printed tshirts. Grab our Wipers logo tee for a classic look, or share your love for a specific album with one of our other printed tees.

Wipers T-Shirts