Bionic Commando

Talk about a throwback! A little nostalgic and ultra cool, show off your love for classic video games with some of our Bionic Commando apparel. Originally developed by Capcom in 1987, the arcade game was actually called Top Secret in Japanese. Unlike some other games, Bionic Commando wouldn't let players jump, but you could use a grappling gun or hook. This inspired the same type of tool for later use in games like Tomb Raider. Go for a retro-inspired look with the pixel logo t-shirt or tank, or take on the Steam Arm design for a modern approach. The arcade game was such a beloved title, it even spawned a sequel, Bionic Commando: Elite Forces in 1999 for Game Boy Color, and later it was remade for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Bionic Commando T-Shirts