Lotería, meaning lottery in Spanish, is known for being a game of chance involving a deck of cards. The playing cards are comprised of fifty four different cards, which also involve riddles associated with each. Choose one of these unique Loteria tshirt designs, including el corazón, meaning 'the heart'. The riddle often used with el corazon is, “No me extrañes corazón, que regreso en el camión.” which translates as, “Do not miss me, sweetheart, I'll be back by bus.” This season, choose one of these printed tshirts to help energize your wardrobe routine. Make some waves in our Loteria La Sirena tshirt, featuring a bold graphic print. Or, opt for a shirt with an added bit of edge by choose our Loteria El Diablo tshirt. Other loteria cards include el gallo (the rooster), el diablito (the Devil), la dama (the lady), el catrín (the dandy) and el paraguas (the umbrella). Each card has a riddle in Spanish that accompanies it, and sometimes they will be used to explain which card was chosen. Other cards include la sirena (the mermaid), la escalera (the ladder), la botella (the bottle), el barril (the barrel) and el árbol (the tree). Freshen up your wardrobe with one of these cool loteria tshirts.

Loteria T-Shirts