Curious to learn more about Cyborg from DC Comics? We've got you covered at Nerd Kung Fu. Originally known as Victor "Vic" Stone, Cyborg made his comic debut in DC Comics Presents No. 26 in October 1980. Cyborg has worked as part of the Teen Titans, and also with Justice League in 2011. Victor is the son of Silas and Elinore Stone, two scientists who work at S.T.A.R. Labs. In the DC Extended Universe, Cyborg has been brought to life by actor Ray Fisher. Gear up and get ready for the upcoming DCEU movies with a bold printed tshirt. We've got plenty of tshirt sizes available featuring Cyborg on the center. Say goodbye to boring tshirts, because now is the best time to work in a nerdy tee or two. In other comics, Cyborg has been referred to as Cyberion, Robotman, Technis and even Bionic Man. With his sophisticated prosthetic technology, Cyborg can take on opponents with his superhuman strength and advanced weapon systems. Forget about keeping things plain and simple, grab one of these Cyborg tshirts for any DC Comics fans. We've got a range of sizes available, including tiny toddler tees, girls shirts and regular adult sizes.

Cyborg T-Shirts