Born a rocker, die a rocker. Let everyone know how much you love the U.K. Subs with one of these bold graphic tshirts. Originally from London, England, the U.K. Subs are known for being one of the first groups of British punk. The group was first formed as the Subversives in 1976 by singer Charlie Harper. The group's original lineup included Harper with guitarist Nicky Garratt, bass player Paul Slack and drummer Pete Davis. The U.K. Subs released major tracks like "Stranglehold", "Teenage" and "Tomorrow's Girls". Eventually, they joined GEM Records in 1979, where they released albums like Another Kind of Blues and Brand New Age. One of their biggest albums was called Crash Course, which is known for growing in popularity during the eighties. The U.K. Subs also appeared in a film called Punk Can Take It, a documentary that was written and directed by Julien Temple. In the eighties, the group welcomed bass player Alvin Gibbs and another drummer called Steve Roberts. The band has continued to release albums over the years, which each album beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. Their most recent work was the album entitled Ziezo, which was released in May 2016.

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