Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do you do custom shirts?

We have a number of original designs that we make ourselves but we are not really a print shop.  However we are very good friends with the people over at Five Dollar Tee Shirts and they have a great and affordable custom t-shirt program.  Check them out! 

2.  Do you sell wholesale?

Not as such right now.  Not that we aren't willing but right now we are so busy with our retail business that we don't have the time.  Keep checking and this will change when we are set up.

3.  How do I find the best size for me?

Almost all of our shirts have a size chart towards the bottom of the product description.  Scroll down to check it out.  If you are unsure how to best use it read this article on sizing your shirts.  As always if you are not sure call customer service. 

We often have the same designs on other body styles.  If you scroll down under the image of a given shirt you might see a link marked "Click here for more body styles with this image".  This will take you to a page of the same designs on long sleeve, hoodies, tank tops, v-necks, juniors, kids, youth, and many more.  Be sure to explore this option.  

4.  What does the 18/1 or 30/1 thread count mean?

This refers to the threads per square inch of the fabric.  The higher the thread count the softer and thinner the shirt is.  An 18/1 or 20/1 shirt is pretty much a standard Hanes Beefy Tee or its equivalent.  A 30/1 is generally a much nicer, softer t-shirt and is normally more fitted.

5.  You have so many products it makes it hard to find what I need, or go back to a shirt I saw earlier.  How can I find stuff?

This is a tough one.  Our best page to start is our Fandom Page.  There you will find literally hundreds of different shows, movies, characters, comics, and even funny trends or subjects.  It is best place to shop when you are not looking for something specific.  You will be shocked and what we have there and enjoy checking each one out.

The next best tool is the filters on the left side of the screen.  Use them to sort out mens shirts, or a specific size, color, or even show or license.  It can mirror the info on the Fandom page so it can be very useful once you find your main section.

If you are looking for something specific use the search bar at the top of the page.  If you find you get to much extra stuff try putting your query into quotation marks to help narrow it down.  One warning is if you put the word "T-shirt" in there you will get thousands of results.

Or you can start with our categories from the head bar.  Each one has sub categories you can see on the right and expand out as you need to.  It is a great way to start off i you are looking for something. 

Regardless of how you start once you get to a page with product on it you should use the filters on the left side of the screen.  They will allow you to narrow your selection down.  Looking for a tank top in red?  The filters will let you find it quickly.  It is also a way to access our Fandom and find great shirts.

Incidentally we specialize in plus sizes and the filters and categories up top are a great way to find a 5X, or a 3X Tall.  

6.  I need a 5XL but the shirt I want only shows up to 3XL, or the size medium is missing.  How can I get my size?

If a size is missing in the middle of the size run odds are very likely it is a shirt we stock and are currently out of stock on it.  Feel free to contact customer service and we can tell you how long it will be before we get more in.

On print on demand shirts our printers are getting better and better about carrying sizes such as 4 and 5XL but generally only stock those sizes in basic colors.  If a shirt is black or red we can probably have it made in any size you like.  If it is coffee or canary yellow we will be lucky if they have it in 3XL.  As they add more sizes we will be updating our site so check back frequently.

7.  I upgraded shipping to the 1-3 day Priority and my shirt isn't here 3 days later.  What gives?

The 1-3 day ship time only refers to time in transit once it ships.  In order to carry the massive selection of shirts we have on our site many of our shirts are printed on demand by our printers and then drop shipped directly to you.  This means that once you place your orders it can take several days before your order ships and we get the tracking number.  The Priority upgrade will have your shirt in your hand in that 3 day time period but unfortunately there is very little we can do to speed up our printer.

Each product has an estimated ship time listed under Availability and these are pretty accurate.  A product marked "Usually ships in 1-2 days" is one that we stock in our warehouse here in California and we will normally get it out the next day.  Other times (3-5 days, 2-4 etc) refers to one of our printing partners and our experience with how long it takes to ship.  If you have any concerns with time or how long it will take please call our toll free number or email customer service.  We will give you our most accurate no BS estimate. 

Our commitment on this is we will get your print on demand order in to our printers as soon as possible (usually within the hour) and make sure it is as high up the que as possible.  

11.  I have an event and am looking for sponsorship or have a show and would like you to come set up a vendor table.

We are interested in all sorts of nerd related events and shows.  However we really try to keep our prices down which unfortunately does not allow us a lot of money for events.  Email customer service with your event or show and we will consider it.

12.  Can I get a discount coupon?

Sign up for our email newsletter.  We keep the newsletter to a minimum so as to not spam you but when we send it out we always include a cool coupon.  If you buy a product you will be invited to review it and if you post your review on social media will be given a discount coupon for your next order.  

13.  How can I get more involved with

We love and appreciate our customers and nerds worldwide.  Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook (our social media presense is kind of pathetic but we plan to do more in the next year).  Let us know what you think about us and share it with your friends.  If you go to San Diego Comic Con or other shows on the West Coast stop by and say hi.  We are a small but tight ship and have big plans for the future.  Get on board early!