Often considered a staple of the horror genre, Friday the 13th has been scaring audiences for decades. Originally created by Victor Miller, the first horror film was released in 1980. Over the years, the Friday the 13th franchise has expanded into twelve different movies, a spinoff television series, comics, video games and more. The story follows the chilling character Jason Voorhees and his mass murdering sprees. The first film was created by Victor Miller, in conjunction with director Sean Cunningham. For a throwback look, pick up our Crystal Lake Camp Counselor tshirt or crewneck, complete with a distressed blood effect. If you're all about horror, show everyone how much you love the genre with a bold printed tshirt featuring the Friday the 13th logo. Create a daring look with a printed tshirt featuring Jason's mask on the center. For an amusing look, try on our printed tshirt reading, "I Died At Camp Crystal Lake". We also have a variety of wall posters to choose from, including the classic print of Friday the 13th on the center. If you're looking to mix things up, opt for a tank top, long sleeved tshirt or hoodie instead. When it comes to Friday the 13th, we have plenty of hair-raising prints to choose from

Friday the 13th T-Shirts and Posters