Harry Potter House Crests

For some Potterheads, planning a Harry Potter movie marathon could work any day of the week. Have your wands at the ready! You'll cast a spell with one of these sleek Hogwarts tshirts, featuring the four major House Crests. Heading to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter anytime soon? You'll need a tshirt or crewneck to match! Browse through our wide array of Harry Potter themed designs. Get ready to try on the Sorting Hat and find your house. Brave and adventurous, those who belong to House Gryffindor aren't afraid of a challenge. Opt for one of our bright Gryffindor t-shirts for a standout look. For those from House Ravenclaw who love curling up with a book, no worries, we have several styles available for you, too! If you're a loyal Hufflepuff, and would rather rock a yellow logo tee, we have options ready to go. Or perhaps you're from House Slytherin, who prize ambition overall. No stress, there's bound to be a t-shirt here for any self-proclaimed Potterhead. Show off your Hogwarts House pride with a bold printed tee. There are so many fun styles to browse through! Whether you're a fan of the beloved book series by JK Rowling, the movies, or both, there's something for any Harry Potter fan here at Nerd Kung Fu. Always.

Harry Potter House Crest T-Shirts