Macho Man Shirts

Are you ready to snap into a Slim Jim? OHHH YEAAHH!!! We are here at Nerd Kung Fu as we’re lovers of all things Macho Man Randy Savage and his catchphrases, commercials, and antics in the ring. When it comes to being a cool nerd, it doesn’t get any better than with Macho Man t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve graphic tees, and more from Nerd Kung Fu! We’ve scoured the internet to bring you a carefully curated collection of officially licensed Macho Man shirts in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes for you to choose from. All of Nerd Kung Fu’s Macho Man t-shirts, hoodies, work shirts, and more come printed in full-color on the highest quality, 100% cotton fabric. Every one of our shirts features the late-great Randy Savage in full-color prints as bold and flamboyant as the former WWF champ himself. We have him blasted all over our Randy Savage shirts, in all his one-liner glory as you remember from his days in the ring! Be sure that you never step into the ring without one of Nerd Kung Fu’s Macho Man graphic tee! Grab a Macho Man shirt today!

Macho Man T-Shirts