Starsky & Hutch

Go ahead, hum the theme song and get ready to show off your style with a cool Starsky & Hutch tshirt. If you're a big fan of classic seventies television, you'll certainly appreciate our nerdy tshirts from Starsky & Hutch. Originally created by William Blinn, Starsky & Hutch first aired in April 1975. The show continued to air until 1979 on ABC. The show followed two police officers, David Starsky and Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson. If you've followed their adventures as "Zebra Three", you'll have to grab one of these retro inspired Starsky & Hutch tshirts. Sorry, no Ford Gran Torino included here, but at least you'll have a super cool tee to wear day after day. Give your wardrobe a touch of nostalgia with one of these printed tshirts. We have a selection of Starsky & Hutch designs, including classic logo prints and other vintage styles. For warm weather, opt for a stylish tank top including a print of Starsky & Hutch on the center. Or, try wearing a fitted v-neck for a casual yet cool look. Can’t get the theme song for Starsky & Hutch out of your head? If you're looking to keep things fresh, try wearing one of our Starsky & Hutch hoodies or long sleeved tshirts. If you prefer to keep things classic, try wearing our Starsky & Hutch Ringer tshirt featuring the iconic Gran Torino on the front.

Starsky & Hutch T-Shirts