Reservoir Dogs

"Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?" An influential movie, Reservoir Dogs was originally released in 1992, and is known for its unique storytelling. The film follows the before and after of a diamond heist gone wrong, and features the signature directing style of Quentin Tarantino. Action-packed and full of pop culture references, the movie is a well known classic for independent film. When it comes to Reservoir Dogs memorabilia, we've got plenty of options for any fan. Movie buffs will delight with a coffee mug featuring Mr. Blonde or Mr. Pink, while others might appreciate a bold movie poster of the original cast. If you're ready to go to work, pick up one of our printed tshirts featuring iconic scenes from the movie.

While working at a video store in Manhattan Beach, California, Quentin Tarantino first began planning out Reservoir Dogs. Tarantino was highly influenced by Stanley Kubrick's The Killing, along with The Big Combo by Joseph H. Lewis. The name of the movie was actually from a customer at the video store in which he worked. Quentin would suggest obscure movies for the customers to watch, and the name stems from a customer who misheard the title "Au revoir les enfants".

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