Pucker up! Choose the perfect gift for your geeky Valentine this year. As we all know, the best gifts are the ones from the heart. Pick out something for your Valentine that represents their favorite fandom—like a nerdy t-shirt, a vintage poster, or other geek related memorabilia. Star Wars fans will definitely appreciate our hilarious printed tee reading, "I'd Rather Kiss a Wookiee". Or, opt for a funny graphic tee, like a printed shirt with the slogan, “Ping-pong is for Lovers” or “Comma Sutra”. One glance at these bold t-shirts will guarantee tons of laughs. Star Wars fans and geek girls will definitely appreciate our hilarious printed tee reading, "I'd Rather Kiss a Wookiee".

For a timeless approach, opt for our true love tshirt featuring the official movie poster for The Princess Bride. Remind everyone that even death cannot stop true love by wearing a shirt from the beloved fantasy film. Desperately in need more ideas? Go for a comic book themed approach with an X-Men tshirt featuring a passionate kiss between Wolverine and Jean Grey. Or, let them count the ways gamers make better lovers with an amusing printed poster. For an old school look, try out our Atari shirt reading "You never forget your first love".

Planning to participate in Galentine's Day instead? No worries ladies, we have plenty of options for you, too! Pick up our scoop neck tee reading, "I don't need a Valentine, I need Wine" or make ‘em laugh with a pair of sassy socks. For more of a vintage feel, look towards our War's End Kiss poster or matching coffee mug. Frankly, my dear, if you do give a damn, let them know by gifting them our Gone With the Wind poster. For other retro-inspired ideas, turn towards our printed t-shirts featuring Betty Boop, Elvis and Archie Comics. Whatever your fancy, we’ve got the perfect nerd gift for your Valentine—heart eyed emojis all around. 

Valentine's Day T-Shirts and Posters