Episode 37: What's Wrong with the DCEU

Episode 37: What's Wrong with the DCEU and Justice League

Joren and Dave dig into the latests Warner Bros financial train wreck Justice League and why it failed so miserably (hint: two reasons rhyme with Fleppenwolf and flory.  Oh yeah Flach Flneider too).  This naturally leads to a discussion of why the DC movies suck so bad when compared to the MCU films (on average of course.  Wonder Woman was great) and what they need to fix their deal as well as the difference between movies made by fans of the source material and movies made by fans of making tons of money.

They get into an in depth analysis of Dave's new online dating profile and why Joren made the recommendations he did.  Dave is feeling blue as per usual but defends his friendship with single women whom he is not hitting on (cough cough Dave is a substitute boyfriend cough cough).  Dave tries to punish Joren by recommending everyone buy another tape cassette at www.SuperSecretBeats.com sending Joren into tape dubbing hell.  Enjoy!