Escape from New York

Any fan of classic action films loves Escape from New York.  It chronicles the adventures of one of the truly great movie badasses of all time, Snake Plissken, as he is railroaded into rescuing the President of the United States from a isolated dystopian New York City converted into a permanent penal colony.  This film has everything including the incomparable James Carpenter.

Of course given Manhattan real estate values the odds of Manhattan being turned into a Lord of the Flies-esque prison don't add up to much.  However the film is a great fantasy and ends with one of the biggest screw you moments in cinema history.  Plus a more hard core man with an eye patch has yet to be created so if you want a lesson in machismo this is the film for you.

We were so excited when we got these great Escape from New York shirts and were even more excited when we found we could do them in plus sizes up to 6XL the the owner of our company did a victory dance and seriously considered putting out one of his eyes in solidarity with Snake.  Grab one today and show the world you know where you are at when it comes to serious movie fandom.  

Escape from New York T-Shirts