Episode 35: Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express

Do you believe in Tarot reading?  After this podcast you might as Connie reads Dave's dating cards and once again gets spookily close.  She gives him dating advice that more or less boils do to wait until the Year of the Rooster is over.  However on the distant horizon the the cards tell him that there are two women, one dark haired one lighter, who may or may not be a romantic possibility so his chances will increase by infinity-fold!

Edward Scissorhands T-ShirtsDave also saw Murder on the Orient Express, a star studded exxxxxxxxxxtravaganze based on a novel written almost 83 years ago.  Among other celebrity greats it does feature Johnny Depp so fans of Edward Scissorhands will be well served.  Not bad, not great.

Joren played some Dungeons and Dragons like the true nerd he is and in spite of being something of a novice managed to not mess up too badly.  His D&D survival instincts seem to be on par.  He is also bemoaning parts of his music business.  Plus the all the usual nerd tidbits, arguments, stories, and trivia.  Enjoy!