Directed by Keenen Wayans, Scary Movie was first released in 2000. The film intended on creating a parody of various classic horror and slasher films. The movie focuses on mocking films like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer from the nineties. Amusingly enough, the film was first titled "Last Summer I Screamed Because Halloween Fell on Friday the 13th", but it was shortened to Scary Movie. The film incited four different sequels, ranging from Scary Movie 2 until Scary Movie 5. Create a throwback look with one of these bold printed shirts from Scary Movie. Remember, when it comes to style, casual doesn't have to equal boring. Spice things up by adding in an amusing printed tshirt from the Scary Movie franchise. Wear with khakis or denim for a laid back look when you're heading out for the day, or lace up a pair of well loved sneakers for weekend wear. For fans of the movie, you'll definitely get a kick out of our hilarious printed tee reading, "Take My Little Hand". Build up your geek wardrobe piece by piece, and certainly don’t forget to add one of these laugh out loud Scary Movie tshirts in the mix.

Scary Movie T-Shirts