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"Everything is numbers."

So says Charlie Eppes, mathematical genius recruited by his brother to help the FBI with some tough number related cases.  This is, of course, a show that all true nerds relate to.  We tend to love it when the brains use science and technology to solve the crimes the jocks cannot.  According to an article written in 2005 in MAA.org the show actually does get the math correct and was heavily criticized by critics because no one understood or could believe how that type of math worked or could be used to solve crimes.  Ironic.  

It is sometimes said that there is no such thing as random in this universe and that coincidences do not happen.  If you believe that they  you believe that given enough information and a complex enough computer literally everything for every person on this planet can be predicted.  This is the principal by which a lot of the crimes in this show are solved.  

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