Colombo is a classic American crime drama starring the legendary Peter Falk.  The show was on from 1971 to 1978 and has been broadcast in 44 countries.  Columbo is a working man detective who regularly investigates and arrests the upper strata of American culture, making the show something of an egalitarian legend.  

The show is different in that we the audience typically see it happening and know which rich snob is the criminal.  We then get to see Columbo sort out all the lies and contradictions.  In mystery terms this style of story is known as a "howcatchem" rather than the typical "whodunit".  If you are a bit of a movie and tv snob you might say the majority of each show is denouement rather than story development.  

Columbo is a friendly, harmless seeming man who often makes friends with the murderer, thus lulling them into a sense of security.  The character is said to have been inspired by Dostoevsky's Porfiry Petrovich from Crime and Punishment.  Thank goodness we get to see a great character like this without having to read that tome.  We have great Columbo t-shirts for you in sizes up to 7XL as well as kids, womens, long sleeve, and even hoodies.  Enjoy!

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