Often surrounded by mystery, tarot cards been used since the 15th century in different European countries. The playing cards include four unique suits which vary slightly. There are fourteen cards within each suit, and the cards can number from one to ten, and also include the King, Queen, Knight and Jack. Tarot cards also include a trump suit and a card for the fool. Add an air of intrigue to your wardrobe with one of these sleek Tarot themed tshirts. Whether you prefer using tarot cards as playing cards or for divination, you'll certainly appreciate these unique tshirt designs. With bold and edgy designs ranging from The Empress to The Devil, there are plenty of tarot themed designs to go around. On one tshirt, the Empress is shown wearing a crown and sitting on a throne. Her scepter, crown and her throne are various ways to represent the power of the Empress. Another tarot card themed tshirt includes the Roman Catholic image of Amina Sola, or the lonely soul residing in purgatory. If you're looking for a different style, opt for a muscle tank to keep things cool when you're headed for hot weather. Check out our variety of tarot themed tshirts here at Nerd Kung Fu.

Tarot T-Shirts