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If you enjoy sending wave after wave of your red shirted minions to their horrible deaths, than this is the shirt for you. If you really want to pull it off you should probably learn how to tell the different Star Fleet rank insignias apart.

If you are going to walk down that path and really want to learn how to be a Kirk-like starship captain, the first thing you should do is check out Shatner's 1978 album, Captain of the Starship. Study every TOS episode carefully. Get a phaser and set it to kill immediately.

Thank god for the internet. I was working on my new TNG t shirts the other night and was having a hard time finding anything to support my belief that Kirk was better than Picard. All the 80's kids all like Picard. But then today while working on this shirt I found one of the best articles ever: 100 Reasons why Kirk is better than Picard. Seriously good.

If, on the other hand, you want to be a Picard-like starship captain, I guess you could start by having someone give you 100,000 swirlies to attain that Picard hair style and proper attitude for dealing with bullies.

Anyway, we now have all three uniform colors. If you have real courage you would get the red shirt, but this is a good alternative.

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  • Gold
  • Standard 18/1
  • 100% cotton
  • Officially Licensed

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Star Trek Uniform T-Shirt - Command

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