Choosing Your Best T-Shirt Size

Choosing Your Best T-Shirt Size

In order to select the best size for your t-shirt we suggest using the sizing chart available on most of our shirt product pages.  They can be found by scrolling down to the features section.  You will find it towards the bottom and it will look like this:



These charts are based on a new shirt and unless it states otherwise most of our shirts are not pre shrunk.  The best way to apply this chart it to take a shirt you currently have that fits well and lay it flat on a table. Stretch it as flat as it can without really pulling on it.



Take a tape measure and measure the distance from one side of the collar down to the hem and note the distance. Then measure the distance from left to right at the armpit.  Add about 1.5 inches to the width and 2.5 inches to the length distances (shirt shrink more in length than anywhere else.  Note if you are looking at one of our 100% polyester sublimated shirts these actually do not shrink much at all so you can cut this down to 1 inch and 1.5 inches).

At this point you can compare your measurements to the size chart and select the best size for you.  Note that different shirts from different manufacturers might be different so be sure to keep your measurements handy and compare them to each shirt.  If you are right on the edge it is always better to go larger than smaller as you can always shrink the shirt down more.

All shirts (even preshrunk ones) will shrink when first washed.  Preshrunk shirts shrink the least.  We recommend washing your shirt in cold and hanging or tumble drying (no heat) it to dry the first few times you launder it in order to keep shrinkage to a minimum.  If your shirt is too large washing it in warm or hot and drying it with heat to shrink it up.  The more polyester in the mix the less it will shrink and remember that all shirts shrink in length the most.

To increase the life of the graphic on your shirt we also recommend washing the shirt turned inside out.  Most damage and wear to shirt graphics comes from rubbing against the sides of the washer and dryer.  If you have any questions on shirt sizing please feel free to contact customer service.  Thanks and enjoy your shirts!