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This movie was a lot of fun. I am a big fan of Will Ferrell. He is hilarious in this video he did called The Landlord. I think my favorite Will Ferrell character will always be Mugatu from Zoolander.  Obey my dog!

I also thought he was amazing in Stranger than Fiction. In fact, no matter how bad the movie, I usually end up liking his character a lot.

I am less a fan of Jon Heder. He was great as Napolean Dynamite, but don't know what other roles he can really play. Of course, odds are he will pull a John Travolta and disappear for a few year only to resurface in some amazing movie.

Indecently, the Chazz Michael Michaels Facebook page is pretty shiny. Check it out.


  • Royal blue T shirt
  • Soft 20/1 thickness material
  • 100% cotton
  • Average fit
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Blades of Glory Montreal Games T-Shirt