Three Benefits of Dressing Up Your Future Nerds

13th Jan 2021

Our nerdy clothing and accessories are made for all ages. We have your favorite movie tees, and superhero garb, and we have little onesies and tiny shirts for your kids, too. It’s fun for the whole family! But the kids’ stuff sells really well for a few key reasons. People love to see little ones in interesting little cute costumes. That’s just part of the human condition. LOL.

Nerd Stuff and Kid Stuff

One of the great things about these iconic products is that your kid can enjoy them in his or her own way.

BSG Baby Onesie

They have the logos and slogans and everything else that will make you love parading around with your kids, but they also have the engaging style and color that will appeal to a newborn or toddler or someone of more advanced age. They also have the durability that kids need if they’re diving into the mud and skinning their elbows and doing all of these things the kids love to do…before or after a very much needed bath!

Looking Good In Puke

Look, babies are going to spit up. They’re also going to go through a lot of diapers. Part of being a dad or mom is dealing with bodily fluids. That's just how it is.

Our onesies are made to stand up to the tests and the demands placed upon them. We even have one that says “I might barf,” which is a funny way to address this biological reality. Or your baby can wear a Star Trek onesie too, and spit up on that. Just pop them in the washing machine, and then the dryer, and you're all good!

Reviving the Classics

Ghostbusters Onesie

With our wide catalog of nerdy kids’ clothes, you get to choose which timeless classics to put back into the public eye. Some of our stuff is relatively mainstream – for example, people kind of expect to see Star Trek clothes on a sci-fi fan - but some is a little more obscure, like our T-shirt of Redd Foxx telling his wife he's going to join her in heaven. Then we have even more obscure stuff that most people haven’t ever heard about! Some of our customers really enjoy getting a matching set for dad, mom and baby.

Come take a look and see what we've got. From rock bands to movie stars to sci-fi and fantasy geekiness, you can order everything you want directly through our e-commerce portal. It’s easy!