Holy Testicle Tuesday! Jim Carrey broke out in the early 90s as one of the funniest people in Hollywood, and cemented his brand of comedy as Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. Nerd Kung Fu doesn’t want you to be some kind of “loohoozuher”, so check out our inventory of 100%-cotton graphic tees featuring Ace in classic, full-color prints that are sure to turn heads like a cockatoo.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was a highly popular and successful comedy film released in 1994. It starred Jim Carrey as the titular character and helped establish him as a leading comedic actor. The film also had a significant cultural impact, with many of its quotes and catchphrases becoming widely recognized and referenced. As a result, "Ace Ventura" is considered a cult classic and continues to be remembered and appreciated by many fans today.

Ace Ventura T-Shirts