Star Trek T-Shirt - Live Long and Prosper



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“Live Long and Prosper.” These short yet powerful words were popularized by Mr. Spock by the 1960s TV series Star Trek. These words are accompanied by the also famous Vulcan Salute which consists of raising a hand with the palm forward and the thumb extended. This notorious sign became a hit and an official salute especially for Star Trek fans around the globe. If you’re also a notorious Trekkie or a die-hard Star Trek fan, you can purchase this Star Trek Live Long and Prosper T-shirt. This graphic tee shirt features Mr. Spock and his famous Vulcan salute while saying the words Live Long and Prosper. It is available exclusively here at Nerdkungfu. 



  • Black
  • Standard 18/1 (AT) or Super Soft 30/1 (SF) thickness material
  • 100% cotton
  • Officially Licensed

Size chart for Star Trek T-Shirt - Live Long and Prosper TRV-CBS114-AT

For most contemporary nerds Star Trek has been the intro into science fiction and also an significant part youth and growing up. Celebrate your love of Star Trek today for this cool Star Trek t-shirt licensed and offered in a vast variety of sizes and body designs.
Featuring the intrepid, dashing, and (according to any number of green women) sexy Captain Kirk, the very trendy science office Mr. Spock, along with the dour and amusing Dr. McCoy the crew found themselves on new planets, virtual realities, space battles, and alien spaceships. The series is credited with inventing video conferencing, tablet computers, computer voice recognition, and the cell phone.
The show was quite into the social issues of this time and had shows on nuclear warfare, racism, social injustice, totalitarianism, and gender equality (the didn't do particularly well on that last issue but they attempted ).

Star Trek T-Shirt - Live Long and Prosper